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Chubby Union

“Chubby Union” aims to develop a chubby-friendly community that connects our chubby friends with brands and individuals who support body positive movement.

Plus-size Women’s Clothing Online Store

Owner Annie believes that there is beauty in every girl. Awear.ness provides its own design and tailor-made clothing.


Plus-size Fashion Store

Store owner Hazel is a plus-size girl who believes true beauty is about embracing oneself and building confidence. Explore and find your spark at the Secret Garden!


Hong Kong Plus-size Fashion Wear

Brand owner Makayla and her team are meticulous in design, tailoring, and quality control to provide the most comfortable clothes for plus-size girls. 

They never stop breaking limitations and carefully crafted the rare leather series with their factory.


Plus-size Wedding Gown Rental Store

Shop owner Red believes curvy girls deserve to have more choices on wedding gowns! Her shop Red. W offers plus-size wedding gown rental services to the brides-to-be with bust sizes from 95 to 145cm.


Plus-size Fashion Store

'I define my rules", shop owner Gloria refuses to be defined by traditional standards. MyRules+ has its workshop to provide tailor-made and alterations services to plus-size women.


Plus Size Korean Fashion Wear 

“Wear Big Dream Big”, owner Chu Chu believes the beauty of the new era is to dream big and appreciate yourselves,

it makes you glow from within.

If you would like to join Chubby Union, please email us to

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